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MichiganScapes Photography Classes

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Learn, Explore, Capture. These 3 words are what MichiganScapes is all about! You may have seen us pop up over the internet recently, and thought to yourself, what is MichiganScapes? Well, I am here to help you out with that answer. MichiganScapes is the best photography class you will ever take! If you are looking to learn how to use your camera the right way in a number of different environments, then you have come to the right place! Ryan Jakubowski of J&C Photography an Christina Wiggins Christina Wiggins Photography have joined forces to bring you a comprehensive platform of "Classroom" and "Field" learning together to give you the best hands on experience for learning the techniques you need to come away with those stunning images! Whether you are out in the middle of the night, watching for the Aurora (NorthernLights), or taking the views of the skyscrapers that grace the Detroit skyline, you will walk away knowing what you need to tell your camera to do to give you the shot you want.

It all started back in May of this year! Christina and I both have a huge passion for chasing the Aurora across the Michigan skies, and we wanted to share that passion and knowledge for how to photograph them with others. (Image below taken Feb. 2023_ Northern Lights, Pointe Aux Barque Lighthouse)

We held a class up in the thumb of Michigan (Port Crescent) and had a number of students join us for a 2 night photography extravaganza! While we waited out the extremely heavy downpours of rain, we held class at the Lightkeepers Cottage right next to Pointe Aux Barque Lighthouse, going over everything they needed to know on how to take pictures at night, do long exposure photography the basics of photography, mobile phone and proper etiquette while out in the filed in the dark. We visited locations like the Secret Sky Barn which glows at night from the inside, making for some amazing pictures. The best part is while we were in the field, we were able to assist everyone and give them assistance with any questions they might have had. Having smaller size groups allows for that, while at the same time, giving you that hands on experience of learning your camera and settings.

Moving Forward

Our goal for MichiganScapes is to grow across our entire state and offer photography classes for anyone who wants to learn, at affordable prices, while giving them the most "Bang for the Buck". When we setup these classes, we make sure you are not just siting in a room with a notepad for 8 hours. We split the sessions into class time first and then go into the field for real world experience. Our next class coming up in October (keep reading for details on that) is going to have over 24 hours of Class and Field learning! The passion that we have for photography fuels us to stay out as log as we can when are with a group and help anyone as much as we can. We also provide print outs and slides so you can go back and reference this information when you need it!

We recently started a MichiganScapes Podcast where people can come and listen to Christina and I talk about our favorite locations we have been to all over Michigan, special guests talking about specific photography topics, learning sessions, Q&A and much more! You can check out the podcast page here:

MichiganScapes Ambassador Program! Are you someone who has just as much passion as we do for photography and exploring? Apply today to become an ambassador for MichiganScapes in one of our regions. In doing so, you would help us grow our brand and hold photo-outings with people locally who want to learn and get involved. As a thank you for helping, you will receive a number of perks back!

Not able to make one of our classes, but still want to learn something? No Problem! Join us for one of our online seminars or pre recorded class sessions where we will cover a number of different topics and have guest speakers to help get you to where you want to be!

Our Next Class - October 6-8 - Master Class / Fall Photo Tour

We are so excited to be hosting our upcoming class being held in the amazing Michigan Upper Peninsula! We have a cabin where we are going to be hosting the class sessions in Manistique, MI and visit some of the most beautiful locations in our great state including: Feyette, Kitch-iti-ipi Natural Spring, Pictured Rock boat tour, Laughing Whitefish Falls, Scott Falls, Wagner Falls, Alger Falls.

Things you can expect to learn at this class are:

Night Photography / Star Trails

Aurora Borealis

Rules of Composition

The Art of Capturing Waterfalls

Framing Your Subject

Photographing Fall Colors and Landscapes

Mobile Photography / Drone Photography

Beginning Lightroom and MORE

This class is going to have over 24 hours of class and field learning! If you have ever wanted to experience the Michigan Upper Peninsula, then this is the class for you! We are going to be up there right during peak fall color change, so the shots will be amazing! The price of this class is $650 and you can register at

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about #MichiganScapes.

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