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  • How long will it take to get my pictures back?
    This is one of our top questions we get asked, but also our top reason why people book with us! For photo-shoots that are 2 hours and under, such as family sessions, new born sessions, and senior sessions, you are looking right around 1-1.5 weeks until you have all of the images ready to view and download. For larger photo-shoots, such as corporate events, weddings and reunions you are looking at 2 to 2.5 weeks until your images are complete and ready to be viewed. Our time frame allows you to enjoy your pictures even faster than the average of other photography places. If you are really in a crunch, we do offer expedited editing as well for an additional fee.
  • Do you edit all of the images?
    YES! We do edit the images we take. Hard to believe with that kind of turn around time right? In fact, we edit all of the images we take to make sure the quality of your pictures is top notch. We know what to look for when editing your session and have been doing this for 15+ years. With the extensive knowledge we have, combined with the top of the line photo editing software's that we use, we can get your pictures back to you fast so you can enjoy them and show them off to everyone you know. If there is something you notice that we missed, let us know! We will gladly fix any issue you have with a photo to the best of our ability to make sure you are happy with your images.
  • Do I get the copyright to my images?
    With every package we offer, you will receive a copyright release with your images. J&C Photography owns the outright copyright to the images that are taken, however with the copyright release you are able to get copies made at places like CVS and RiteAid but you muist have this release. The great thing about J&C Photography is if you are looking to get prints made up, let us do it for you! We do all of our own printing in house and prices you can afford and high quality paper that will last longer than your standard prints. We also have our FPG (Fading Print Guarantee). If your print starts to fade out and become discolored, we will replace it for you at no cost! We will send you an envelope to retuen your faded prints in and ship you out new ones.
  • What if I need to reschedule?
    No problem! We understand that things come up in life and sometimes you got to do what you got to do. Dont worry about rescheduling though, we will always make sure we find a time that works for you to get your pictures done. With every session, there is a deposit requitred to book your day, this will solidify your day and time and allow you to get first come with any rebooking that needs to take place. After the 3rd rebooking there is an additional depsoit required, but that will come off the total amount you owe. We are always willing to work with you on a time and day, so don't hesitate to ask if you need to. Thats the nice thing about booking your session with J&C Photography vs a studio is the flexability that we have to fit your needs.
  • How many pictures will we get?
    The great thing about booking your special day with J&C Photography is we don't put a limit on how many images you get! Many places out there only give you a set amount of images with your package; here you get all of the images we take! Minus the ones with closed eyes or blurry shots, or the ones we simply cannot make better with an edit, you get them all! While we edit the images, we also give you multiple options of the image, such as black and white and matte look. If you find an example of an image on our website that you like, let us know and we would be glad to try and recreate it for you.
  • What do we need to book with you?
    Booking is simple and easy! When you decide to move forward with us, we will need the following information from you: - Date and Time you would like your shoot to be done - Name - Phone Number - Email Address - Home Address Once we receive your information, we will set you up in our system called Studio Ninja where you will be ablle to find all your information about your photoshoot, from invoices to a link to your images. Once your account is setup, we will send you an invoice to collect a 50% deposit to secure your date and time. This amount will be taken off your total bill. Once we have received your pament, you will receive a confirmation email for the the day of your shoot. Leading uo to the shoot, we will be in touch to discouss location, places to meet, and posing ideas. If there are any additional questions you have, please feel free to let us know. For larger events and weddings, payment plans are available upon request.
  • How do I get my photos after?
    Once our photo-shoot has been completed and your photos have been edited, you will receive a link with your images. All of your photos are avaiable through an online gallery where you will have full access to view, download and order prints. Once you click on the link you will need to enter your email address to enter the gallery. This helps with orders, downloads as well as any special deals we might have that you can take advantage of. We will not send you any SPAM or unwanted emails. To download your images, you can click on the download button on the mian page, which will send you all of the files to your email address zipped. You can also donwload invididual images as well by clicking on the image you want and clicking the button with a cloud and arrow icon. This will start the download within your web browser
  • How do I order products and prints?
    Once you have received your link with your images and are inside your gallery, ordering your pictures or products is simple! Click on the image you want to order and click "Buy Photo". Once you choose this, the option will come up with what size you want or what product you want with the image as well as the quantity you want. Once you have those chosen, click on "Add to Cart" and this will take yu to the checkout where you will enter your shipping and payment information. All of the pricing of images and products includes shipping amount. If you are going to be ordering an album or photo book, you will click on Buy Photo and choose either product and how many you want, then you will go to wach of the photos you want included in your book and choose "Favorite". For example, if you are ordering a 4x6 album with 20 4x6 photos, on the main gallery page click favorite on each image you want in your album. If you have any further questions please reach out to us!
  • How do you prefer to communicate?
    Technology now of days is awesome! I am always connected and regulary check my emails and messages online, whichever way is easiest for you is totaly fine with me! Here are the ways you can contact me: Call or Text: 586-703-6483 or 248-308-0631 Email: Facebook:
  • Are you able to shoot at night or in dark settings?
    Absolutly! I use a Nikon Z7 / Z6 and Z50 which work perfect in low light situtations. We also have a number of off camera flash units, solid studio lights, and tripods that all assist in getting you the best shot in low light areas. These things, combined with our editing skills, you will have nothing to worry about!
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    We accept many different types of payments: Cash Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX Check Money Order Paypal Venmo CashApp **For any bounced checks there is a $40 fee in addition to finishing making the payment that is needed. We mainly will send out an invoice online ahead of time which is linked to our Payal account, but if you do not have PAYPAL we cna take credit card over the phone, or in person as well as cash and check.
  • Do you deliver RAW files?
    No, we do NOT deliver the RAW files. First off, the quality is "Bad" if you will, not saying we dont know what we are doing when taking pictures, but the image is flat and unedited. It is to be expected that all of the RAW photos, will not be in line with any kind of quality you as the client would want. The images we shoot are always made to be edited, and because of that we will not provide you images that do not represent our brand, which is high quality images.
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